the ending of my novel. But I just can\’t do it. I don\’t know why. I hate the current ending. The plot is reasonable, but I didn\’t set up enough for it to be believable. On top of that, it just dragged and changed genres. That\’s the worse sin, changing genres at the end of the book. Need to keep up the whole action scheme. I really am almost ready to get back to work on the other one. Probably because I really don\’t want to work on the ending of this one. But I\’ve read Harry Potter and I really have no decent excuses why I have gotten nothing done today. I have emailed my life away, blogged in the reading blog and this one. I may even dip into the Libby blog,nah, that would be too much like getting realy work done. And I am avoiding real work like the plague. Must write though. Must finish and send off novel to agents. This week. Three agents. Ok, I\’ll stop laughing now. Maybe?