Who would have thought a list of questions would be so hard? I was one of those who asked too many questions growing up and was told to stop so many times, I think it finally stuck.

So, without further whining, I give you questions. Possible essay topics, but I can\’t think of one specific person to question.

Why is this exercise so hard for me?
What makes me think anyone would read my opinions on anything, much less pay actual cash money for them?
What was God thinking with the whole water mammal thing? I mean platypuses, manatees, hippos?
Why are so many soccer moms so intense about their children\’s games?
Ditto for any other sport?
Why is my dog obsessed with licking my feet?
Why won\’t my house sell?
Why does so much Christian fiction portray the city as evil and the country as good?
If a blog was posted in the woods and no one read it, would it still be a blog?
Would a memoir of my life be a drama or a comedy?
Why do my brother and sister have such different memories of growing up?
Can a dead person be accused of identity theft?
When did log rolling become a sport worthy of televising?
Why don\’t any antiperspirants sponsor log rolling competitions?
How does dust settle on moving ceiling fans? And in such huge quantities?
How old will I have to be before I aquire emotional depth?
Why am I procrasitnating rewriting the ending of my novel so much? I know the current ending is bad, I really have no excuse.
Did the orginal geeks that created the internet and uunet have any idea that Amazon and Google would be in the future?
What will the world be like in ten years? What devices will we have that are \”how did we live without this\” things?
Is this enough?