As much as I wanted to post an essay I wrote yesterday, I decided to send it somewhere that might pay actual cash money instead. Then again, it could get rejected, like everything else I send to this unnamed magazine. But by golly, I\’ve decided, I\’m going to get published by them. I will hound them unmercifully this summer. Every time they send my SASE back, I\’ll whip out something else. Eventually, they\’ll have to publish me, just to get me to leave them alone, right?

It\’s a theory that works for my kids. \”Keep nagging Mom until she\’ll give in so we\’ll leave her alone.\” I know that\’s what they say to each other while I\’m in the middle of some important thought. Sometimes, I\’ll agree to anything to get them to go find something to do for five minutes while I finish an email, or a sentance, or (more likely) a hand of Spyder Solitaire. The true devil of Microsoft is not Explorer or Windows or even Office, but Spider Solitaire. If I had the persistance writing that I can show with this stupid game, I\’d be published twelve ways to Sunday.

This could go on, but I am determined to win at least one hand before I go grocery shopping!