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Little girls always have dreams. Even during wars.

Husband, home, and family, in the proper order. It\’s all Liz Corning ever wanted growing up in Houston, Texas with her parents and older brother.

Frankie McConnell spent her life chasing after a mantle of trophies and her father\’s approval. Her idea of a normal day ususally included a performance in her father\’s Air Show, \”Aces of the Great War,\” and giving rides to children in her Curtis bi-plane.

Normal lives in America are interrupted with World War II. Americans everywhere respond to the call of duty. Liz, fresh out of Nursing school, joins the Navy Nurse Corps. Bored with taking care of sick sailors on the ward, she signs up to become a flight nurse.

Frankie, meanwhile, is recruited to join the Women\’s Air Ferry Squadron. But her participation in an air camera gunnery contest leads to her dismissal for insubordination. A Marine major realizes that Frankie knows her father\’s combat techniques and recruits her to become a flight instructor for the Corps.

When the two women become roommates during training in 1943, they begin a friendship that travels throughout the country and the South Pacific theater of World War II.