It\’s almost October. Which means I need to finish the book I\’m currently working on by October 15. Why? So I have two weeks off to plan, plot and, rest (I know, it doesn\’t start with pl- but this is a blog, not a Sunday Sermon) for National Novel Writing Month.

I\’m most likely going to be a municipal liaison this year, so at least by the end of the month, I should be able to spell liaison correctly on the first try most of the time. But I figure, if I can coach over two hundred college students to run twenty six miles, I can cheer lead while highly motivatied, caffeinated people write really bad novels. Not only that, but I can write a really bad novel as well! It\’s much more fun to write really bad novels with friends.

So if you\’re game, check out NaNoWriMo and come on out and play with us!

PS I finally, after all this time, noticed that I\’ve mispelled procrastinating in the header of my blog. UGH! That is why I need an editor of my very own.