I think that\’s looking like the title of my NaNoWriMo novel. Of course that could change, but I\’m liking the idea now. My first idea was something I\’ve already worked on a bit, like a couple of pages of really bad writing. Really bad, the main character bored even me. If I don\’t want to spend time with a character, I doubt a reader would. So, I thought I would start over on the chemical plant thriller. But since NaNoWriMo should really be brand spanking new really bad fiction, I decided to try this new idea.

I know, a Christian Writer had an advice book by just about the same title.The Purse-driven Life: It Really Is All About Me by Anita Renfroe. I haven\’t read it, but I did read a few pages on Amazon. It looked fairly interesting and I\’m sure Anita is a wise and witty woman. But it is nonfiction, and since A) I haven\’t seen it on the best seller list anywhere, and B) Titles aren\’t copyrighted, I think I\’ll snag the title. Because it so fits my idea. As much as I\’d like to use her subtitle, I\’ll not steal that too. Gotta have some originality.

But, the story:

A woman dies and her daughter and niece find over fifty purses in her closet. Her life is then told in relation to some of the purses that the women remember the older woman owning. Not a spiritual growth book in any way, more like catharsis. But not really, because my book will be FICTION and certainly NOT based on any mothers I may have known in ANY way. So don\’t get any ideas, it\’s NOT a memoir. And if you accuse me of writing about actual events, I will put you in the book and my friend, it won\’t be pretty.

I still need to do some important research. I only own one purse. Off to the mall!