I don\’t know what scares me more. The fact that some spammer or his/her spambot has christened me \”Crafty Peaches\” or that I\’m actually thinking of adopting the name as a user id for my spam email addresses. You known, the free email addresses you set up so you can go to some website and sign up for the newsletter and keep the surveys and \”you won!\” emails from getting mixed up with your real emails. Like the ones from Flylady and Sitemeter. I\’ve been known to use character names, family names, dog names, but talented fruits? This is an area I have somehow missed. Crafty Peaches says so much more than Tranquil Waters (or was it Nyquil Waters?) Like fuzzy on the outside, then sweet, then poison at the core??

All I can say is that Crafty Peaches sure is popular! I get at least a dozen emails each day, all wanting Crafty Peaches\’ opinion on politics, softdrinks and televisons shows. And, Crafty Peaches is offered many discount pharmaceuticals. Some obviously for personal use and some to share with friends. And Crafty Peaches is invited to visit all kinds of websites. I wonder if Artsy White Grapes is ever invited.

Perhaps I can come up with a talented fruit id generator for my friends. There\’s Conniving Pears. Radical Oranges. Durable Apples. Yeah, that\’s a great userid. I can see the spam now…Hey, Durable Apples! Your Opinion Counts!

I guess it\’s better than Spoilt Persimmons.