If you read the article referenced above, you\’ll see it\’s a study by cardiologists. They were studying the effects of a low calorie diet on the heart and longevity. Not a temporary, weight loss low calorie diet, but a lifestyle of eating well balanced nutrient dense food, but less of it. Like 1400 to 2000 calories a day. The typical Westerner eats from 2000 to 3000 calories a day.

They found that the hearts of those who ate less were about fifteen years \”younger\” than the regular eaters. Hmm. Interesting, but that\’s not what got my attention.

After stating all the benefits of this lifestyle, they say it is NOT recommended for the general public. Instead, normal people should just moderately cut calories and exercise moderately. My cynical self says, Well of course the cardiologists don\’t want Americans being healthier longer. It seriously impacts their abilities to own and feed their Hummers.

But someone pointed out to me that perhaps they make the recommendation because they don\’t think Americans would do the healthier thing. It\’s not part of the American dream to want less. It\’s too hard.

Hogwash. This is America. We don\’t do ANYTHING moderately. I think the moderation would be harder. We are an all or nothing people. We don\’t moderately jog, we run marathons. We don\’t do anything small when we could do bigger and better.

Maybe the truth is, with low calorie eating, people would be hungry, and grouchy. Can you say immoderate Road Rage? And then, no one would have a calorie budget for McD\’s and other window foods, (food that passes through more than one window before consumption) so there would be millions of high school students unemployed and unable to purchase bling and baggie jeans and computer games. The entire economy could collapse, all because some cardiologist studied the heart.

Well, all this talk about food makes me hungry…