This is my second post for the day. My first one involved some little blog ring quizzes, which were fun. But alas, an html tag was missing, which made blogger go \”Yuck, take it back…\” and my browser didn\’t like the yuck message, so the whole thing tanked. I\’ll take it as a sign, that the world didn\’t need to know the results of my pop quizzes. I just don\’t think I want to do them again, it\’s way too late this morning, and I have work to do.

We\’re moving to a new house next Monday. What makes it really interesting is that we didn\’t know exactly where we were moving to until last night. Before that, we only knew we were moving From. But the new house is nice. I won\’t have as long a commute to my office. Instead of walking through the house all the way to the attached apartment on the other end of the house, I\’ll only have to get out of bed and walk across the room. Cuts the commute distance significantly. I\’ll be able to spent that much more time crafting mediocre fiction!

That\’s one of the two major displacements of the move. I\’ll have to move the story factory into the bedroom, and the dog won\’t have his own room and kitchen any more. I\’m sure he\’s really worried about it. Not many dogs have their own room let alone their own 800 sq ft apartment, with kitchen and laundry room. He will have some serious adjustment to do.

The move itself is going to be about a mile and a half down the road. Ok, almost two whole miles. That\’s closer than our last move of three miles. The street name, White Stone has some fantasy plot potential. \”The Secret of the White Stone Fellowship\” or something like that.

So, back to the grind. Packing, well yes, that too. But my primary job this week is to remind the family, \”Hey, that\’s the last time you\’ll ever ______ in this house.\”
Priorities, you know?