One of my favorite blogs had an comment about people who costume their iRobot Roombas. That alone, is ,um, interesting. But then, sixty eight (at last count) blogging faithful had commented on the costumed Roombas. Many offered their own favorite Roomba stories. Many involved the Roomba harassing feline pets or alternately, the cats hunting down the Roomba. More time than not, the Roomba won, as in one story where the cat ended up \”treed on the microwave, which was on top of the refrigerator.\” To make the picture funnier, the cat was crouching behind an avacado. Now, not one person asked why the avacado was on top of the microwave on top of the fridge. To me, if the thing rolled off, there would be a Letterman-esque mess on the ground. But that\’s what Roombas are for.

Most of the Roomba owners said they had bought the little vacuum device to help with the war on cat hair. One careful reader asked why none of the Roomba stories involved dogs, just cats. It was suggested that most people who blog about Roombas were cat owners. Someone else mentioned that the Roomba was about the size of a dog biscuit for her Great Dane.

But I think the real reason that dog owners tend not to have Roombas is that picking up and eating messes on the floor is what dogs do! Have a dog? Roomba not required. My dog will eat ANYTHING on the floor, except microwave popcorn. He will eat leftover movie theater popcorn off the floor, however. I\’m starting to be very scared of microwaved popcorn. But socks, game pieces, things way too big for the Roomba to scarf up? The dog will take care of it!

And dogs will let you dress them up a lot easier than cats. Not quite as easy as Roombas, but you make your choices in life. Dogs will perform the same functions on the lawn. Try that with a Roomba.