“As I look back on what I have written, I can see that the very persons who have taken away my time are those who have given me something to say.” Katherine Paterson

I had a visitor last night that kept me up too late, late enough that 4:30, which is already hard enough, was even harder. Add in the start of Daylight Savings time, and I don\’t think many people will want to be around me today. But this morning, thinking about the visit, and all my crazy relatives (and I use that term in the most medical sense possible. Almost every one of them would do well with meds and some kind of therapy), I did come up with a germ of an idea for my next book. Possibly the sequel to the Purse Driven Life. Could be interesting. Could totally remove me from the grownup table at the next family gathering. Yep, it\’s that good.

\”The last thing one settles in writing a book is what one should put in first.\” Pascal

\”I rewrote the ending of \’Farewell to Arms\’ 39 times before I was satisfied.\”- Ernest Hemingway

Thirty nine times. And it\’s a war book. See, I am in good company. I\’m only on Practical Flying\’s fifth or sixth ending. And I think I like this one.