Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?
— Henry Ward Beecher

Half Price books had a special this week, if you buy thirty dollars worth of books, you get a nifty, huge, totebag in lovely spring colors like purple, green and bright light blue. Naturally, I found that the Easter Bunny really needed to do some shopping there and amazingly, mananged to spent thirty dollars.

Unfortunately, that translates to I have an even higher stack of \”to be read\” books. On top of the list, that is always growing. The one thing I am glad of is that swim team practice starts in earnest next week. I\’m thinking that I\’ll have an hour and a half each day at the pool to catch up on the reading list. That seems to be a better use of time than trying to squeeze errands in, with traffic in that area at 6 pm being what it is. Nothing like reading at the pool.

Except reading on your very own nifty back patio.