I\’ve been a bit busy doing some things for the local school district GT parent committee. Which brings back my own memories of life in \”g/t\” programs in middle school and the first year of high school. Once I moved to Texas, apparently, I didn\’t require special \”services\” anymore. I just went to classes with the next grade up.

I like tyranny of the ordinary, for a title. Read a book, \”Smart Girls\” a while back about mentoring gifted girls and it was remarkable how many gifted women lead absolutely ordinary lifes. Not for lack of choice, but because of an overwhelming amount of choices, they simply drift into whatever takes the least amount of conflict. Which reminds me of the little \”sessions\” they used to make us go to in ninth grade, in the couselors office. I can remember a few names, Sarah P., Maryann N., Barry E, Steven S, Shari, John, Craig? Elise was gone to Nigeria by then.

But the main thing was the repetition, we could be anything, do anything. Cream of the crop, etc. Yet now, thirty years later, I can\’t even google any of them. Are they doing anything, being anything? Could they be doing something significant and yet have absolutely no web presence? I know Maryann dropped out of high school her senior year to mary some sailor.

So now, I wonder what happened. And the only way to wonder is to write about it, naturally. So Tyranny of the Ordinary. Kind of a Now and Then kind of thing, except the preciptating event won\’t be a school reunion or a wedding/funeral. It\’ll be the purchase of land by a petrochemical company. Now off to work…