1. Running 13 miles when the temperature is in the mid to high nineties is stupid.

2. The fellow who cuts my hair has wonderful book and movie recommendations. His reading list alone is worth the price of a hair cut.

3. I can never predict what time the mail carrier will come to my street and I never will be able to guarantee the mail will be in the box in time.

4. Watching golf on tv is a great sleep aid. Unless Phil Mickelson is melting down.

5. If you can\’t really use the name Sara Pride for a character because it\’s someone\’s real name, then the name Arianna Hubris will do just fine.

6. There\’s a t-shirt I\’m trying to find. It says, \”If I only have one day to live, take me to a swim meet. They last forever.\” I really want that shirt.

7. A really great blog for Screwtape letter fans: Beezleblog This guy is good.

8. I\’ve personalized my browser so much, it\’s going to be a step down to upgrade. But I\’m a whole version number behind and some sites don\’t work as well. Time to suck it up.

9. I really don\’t like vampire books. From experience now.

10.Long walks are still the best way to plot a book.