The email quote this morning was from W.S. Gilbert : Things are seldom what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream.

Which naturally made me think of the lyrics to a song, \”Things are not what they appear\”, but I could not for the life of me remember what movie the durn song came from. Finally, at 5 pm, I can stand it no longer. Google reveals all:

Things Are Not What They Appear
Your royal highnesses, lords and ladies of the court, and our distinguished guests from the forests of the new world.

Things are not what they appear
As tonight will make quite clear
But what is real will be revealed
I can feel the moment\’s near
Things are never what they seem
That will be this evening\’s theme
A music sites for your delight
Perhaps a few to make you scream

You will be surprised to see whose disguise
Is the cleverest one of the lot
After our show the whole world will know
Who\’s pretending to be what they\’re not
If a jester\’s grin or a dancer\’s spin
Should be pleasing, please say, yea

Yep, the ever popular, Pocahontas II. What a thing to remember.

And to connect a Disney direct to DVD animated movie to the venerable Gilbert and Sullivan. I am ashamed. But, as the wise one said, Skim milk does masquerade as cream.