Several months ago, I made the confession that personal trainers aren\’t supposed to make. I don\’t like drinking water. So I don\’t. Not the \”tote your gallon jug of water\” around amounts I was supposed to recommend. My theory, if you\’re thirsty, you might ought to drink something. Life\’s short, so may as well enjoy your beverages.

Lately, writing books I\’ve been reading recommend reading poetry with the same evangelical zeal the Water People have. The same gusto as the Vegetable people. Famous writers write how they spend hours reading poetry, out loud, everyday.

Yeah? Bull.

I\’m starting to think it\’s like the celebrities that are quoted in all the grocery store checkout line diet/fashion magazines. \”Yeah, for lunch I have some broiled chicken and veggies.\”

Let\’s be honest here. The only people who eat vegetables are: Children (under compulsion), vegetarians (and not many of them! Peanut butter and cheese are not veggies.) skinny ashen vegans, and old people trying to regain their cholesterol levels of youth. Sure, everyone clains to, but I personally have never seen a grocery store out of vegetables. We had several hurricane scares last year. Couldn\’t buy bread, milk, or batteries. But the veggie aisle? Help yourself, plenty to go around. Face it, vegetables aren\’t sexy and twenty-somethings don\’t eat them.

Same for poetry. If poetry was something that sexy, that popular with the twenty-somethings, we\’d know it. But every one talks about poetry, no one reads it!!

(Yes, they write it, to rid themselves of angst and all, but how often do you see someone with head deep into any book of poetry???)

Repeat. No one reads poetry. So I will no longer feel guilty for not reading it, nor pretending to.

If real people read poetry, then grocery store racks would be filled with poetry tabloids and celebrity rags would be \”little journals.\”

Back to my coffee and the Stephen King Fiction Fest….