It is getting dangerously close to National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, and so I have be scheming, reading and researching to get ready to write a first draft in thirty days. I have having company come for Thanksgiving, so technically, I will be trying to get mostly done by the end of November 20th.

Anyway, it helps this year that instead of coming up with a totally original idea, I\’m going to modernize a classic. The Brothers Karamazov. Now, David James Duncan did this and set his book in the 60\’s. But I believe that\’s one of the few out there, so I have a good chance.

If I make it based on Oil Barons from Midland, Texas, I\’ll be out of my element, and most likely sued for slander. So let\’s see, how about a mobile home manufacturer in a Navasota-like town? One of his sons may run for Governor of the great state of Texas.

And the title?


The Venti Inquisitioner
Because Everything is Bigger in Texas