Nanowrimo is over. I managed to validate the 50K or so words at 1:34 am today, the 30th. Glad it\’s over and I must say that it some of the worst writing I have ever done. Maybe even the worst, although the one about the accounting trolls in the tee-shirt factory is really bad. I think there is some convention that a story shouldn\’t start by someone observing a growing pile of used facial tissues.

So, now that that\’s over, I can get back to work on the Venti Inquisitioner for real, as well as continue Queries are us and the editing of Purse Driven Life. And in my spare time, I\’m going to take violin lessons. Many of the writers that I respect play piano. I can\’t do two things at once, so piano is out for me. So, sitting in my room right now is a brand new Eastman 4/4 violin. Rental. With a brand new bow that seems like it will never have enough rosin on it. I can almost play an E scale. Watch out London Philharmonic. Once I get the other half of the E scale, there\’s no stopping me.