since I last blogged here??

Have several things going on. The Summer Fiction Fest is in full swing at Random Acts of Reading. We\’re going along at a fairly good clip so far. It\’s just June 2, so who knows? The goal of the Summer Fiction Fest is to read as much fiction as possible before September 1st. Hopefully, that\’ll put the yearly number close to 75, making it much easier to reach 100 by December 31.

So, if you have suggestions for the reading list, feel free to leave the in the comment trail. I have a pile to start with, but some of them aren\’t fiction, like the Great Influenza, a history of the flu in the early 1900\’s. Also have Jonathan Franzen\’s memoir, and I\’m looking for Flannery O\’Conner\’s Mystery and Manners.

After that, who knows?