Prompt 3. In a burst of charity, you are planning to be the best Halloween house in the neighborhood by giving away the best candy. Go through the days of preparation and detail your holiday evening. How have the chidlren reacted. Haven\’t you sampled on etoo many of the goodies, perhaps?
The Band Chaperones went overboard with our buses. Somehow, while we were off doing our collective “things”, they decorated our buses with crepe paper, banners, goey stick-ems on the windows and large sacks of candy and cheapo toys. Everything we would have gotten trick or treating. Kelsie said that her mom had spend a week talking to the other chaperones with email, texts and facebook trying to have everything ready, and looking at our bus, this was a band-wide things. I can only say that I was glad that my parents were NOT chaperones. They would fully participate, but I would forever be hearing about the sacrifice they made so that the band kids could have a Halloween. The Band Parents on our bus? They would never mention it. They were having just as much fun, dressed in costumes and helping us with ours, as we did.  

I only wished I was on another bus. Not that sitting with Kelsie and playing Apples to Apples with her and some other sophomores wasn’t fun. But I had to wonder what Garrett was doing on the Junior bus.  Leila wasn’t there, so I wasn’t exactly jealous, but still, I was here and he was there and I couldn’t just turn and look and see what he was doing. Like I could in the stands when we were sitting and watching the other bands, and he was in the row behind me hanging with the other drummers. 

The chaperones  seemed pretty proud of themselves. Kelsie\’s mom Rita was not on our bus, as the parents weren\’t allowed to be on the same bus as their kids, but she was on Garrett\’s bus. And now that Kelsie had a real boyfriend, I held out hope that Rita would spy for me on the Junior bus.