So, I have this new program called Write or Die. I put in the word count and the time goal and start writing. Not a lot of bells and whistles. But there are these two bars at the top that track the time and the word count so you can track progress. When you stop writing, the whole page turns red. There are sounds when you fail, but nothing actually kills you, a good thing. But it\’s kind of fun to have the goals and the the lines on top racing each other. Right now, my time is five minutes and the goal is 500 words. No way, no how. But I wanted to see what Kamakazee mode does. And I will find out, and there is no way I can write all 500 words in five minutes. If I could, I could actually make a living writing, I do belive. The thing about a timer, is that you can tune out the twitter and the facebook when you see the read line racing the gray word line. I used it to write about five hundred words early on the acutal work in progress. two pages a day and eventually I will have a real novel. I hope.