The best Excuse for not writing Ever…


I have spent the last six months in a diet and Exercise research study and during the study, I had to work out 4 times a week at their lab, walk 10,000 steps a day and log every piece of food that went in my mouth and make sure it was in the correct Protein-Carb-Fat ratio.

With all that going on, who has time to write?

Now I like exercise as an idea. I’m even certified as a personal trainer and USA Track and Field coach. (sounds more impressive than it is, really.)

So, after the study ends, I have to say what I am going to do to continue my new found fitness and I say that I would join Planet Fitness. Because, free Monday pizza. No, it’s about four blocks from my house and I have this thing about having to drive to exercise. So tonight, I put on my Exercise clothes and run over to the PF and go to the whole reason I joined, the 30 minute Express circuit. I don’t like gyms, so getting in an out in 30 minutes is appealing. (Side note, the research exercise was a Curves circuit and we had a grad student whose job it was to make sure we exercised frequently enough and correctly. I am recommending PF hire her.) Golf courses have marshals to ride around and make sure that everyone is playing in a timely manner and playing one ball at a time and playing the holes in the correct order. I am truly thinking about volunteering to be the PF Circuit Marshal. So, Mr Six sets on the machine I need next…I am coming for you.