The biggest excuse for not writing that starts with F that I could think of, was Facebook, followed closely by Followers, ie, Twitter Friends.

Facebook for me is basically a way to keep up with out of state friends, high school band friends and a select few college friends. Honestly, I had more college friends on facebook at first, but slowly unfriended them. Why? I didn’t care to read how perfect their lives were were. It was a weird lack of honesty from people I thought I knew. I stay on facebook because I am entertained by the irony of my eclectic group of friends. Like today, a friend posted a photo of her place of business, a brand new car dealership, largest in the country. Nice Luxury cars, and the dealership had a ribbon cutting with the Mayor of the city. Very next post was from a blog I follow called Becoming Minimalist. The subject? 7 reasons we should stop praising excess. Can’t make this stuff up!

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