Continuing my A to Z list of why I am not getting anything done on my novel….


Resistance…there are entire books about how resistance keeps us from writing the books we are meant to write.  I believe the best book I have read about resistance so far is Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art 

Since I have written a World War II book full of battles, the war analogy really helped me, but alas, I still struggle with resistance. Mostly because instead of writing, I am..

Reading about writing. And we all know that doesn’t get anyone anywhere. I either get caught up in some new outlining scheme that I am never going to use, or just feel helpless because nothing I write will ever ever be as beautiful as what I just read.

But the thing is, I have my crit group this Thursday and there will be hell to pay if I don’t have pages to give them. Nothing like Readers to help with the Resistance!