So for the letter C, I have to talk about Cal Lewis. He is almost a bad guy, besides the Germans and the Japanese. This is Cal.


He is a ginger, with freckles and all. And he had a gambling issue. That was his thing always. That was how he met his wife, to be honest. He was at the track, trying to decied what horse would make him rich, when a beautiful young women suggested that Lincoln’s Mosey would be the best horse to bet on. He bet on the horse, who won the race, and ended up dating the daughter of the owner. Because that is how those things worked. Then, her family realized that Cal came with debts. That was not quite what was planed for their princess. But then she was pregnnat and it was no longer a question. Cal would marry her, and take his place in the family business. And if he was lucky, he could help wih the real family business, race horses, whic he always had an eye for anyway.

But marrying this girl and her having a baby within weeks of the wedding (oops?) was the big thing. and so Cal ended up finding a way to enlist in the Marines and enroll in the pilot training program, lying about the fact that he was married with a family, and getting into the fighter pilot program. this would help him both financially and in real lift, truth be told.