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Hey, 2020, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

We had gone camping for Spring Break in March, and when we left for a week in the state park, the corona virus was in the news, but it wasn’t that big a deal. We came back and suddenly, the students at our university were told to stay home another week, then another, then suddenly we were an online university. By April, we had a county stay at home order. My Rhodia Goalbook reflects this, an incredibly packed April in the planning portion, and then absolutely nothing in the actual month section.

I have learned we can be incrediby resilient. And we can be incredibly selfish, sometimes in alternate moments. We can be inventive, and we can throw a tantrum because things are not the way they are “supposed” to be. In many ways, the year resembled my planner – a beginning of neat straight lines, and that just dissolved into an inky mess. And that is okay.

I wasn’t planning to write today about a year in review. It just was inspired by the free photo that comes with the Word Press site. But looking at the years as far as creative production, wow.

I read over 300 short stories, 300 poems, and 300 essays.

I read about 92 books, and finished most of them.

I wrote morning pages all but three days.

I wrote a 52,000 word “novel” for National Novel Writing month, as well as an occasional blog post.

I completed Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way with a group of work folks.

Every reason to look forward to another productive year here at the Story Factory.