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  1. 1.the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”such synchronicity is quite staggering”
  2. 2.another term for synchrony (sense 1).

After finishing up Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way this past semester, I have been collecting bits of what she calls “synchronicity.” Maybe because this season I am obsessed with all things time – did you know horology was the study of time? – and of course all things writing. So when they come together, it’s got my attention. I have a page in my trusty Wonderland 222 planner with all the synchronicity so far.

Although I should add my Panda Express fortune as well:

a fortune from a cookie;
You have the ability to excel in novel areas

Hmm, novel areas. Which I guess is why I have decided to spend my year working on short stories, right? But I am playing with some old drafts, trying to tighten up my tendancy toward the “cast of thousands” and let some characters do a bit more heavy lifting. But that is for another day. Today, after procrastinating by cleaning my house and putting away all things Christmas, I will finish the week’s story and get it ready for Story Sunday. I hope.

We are expecting snow tomorrow, which happens about ever three or four years around here, and naturally we do go a bit nuts. But a cold snowy day will be perfect for catching up with reading, getting next week’s story prompt dialed in, and drinking hot cocoa by a fire.

Have a great weekend!