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(WARNING – Nothing of meaning or importance in this post. You may just want to move on. I am just trying to check Blog Post off my list today.)

I call these Monday Musings, but today it’s more of a meandering. A Mishmash of thoughts after a day of small tasks, one after another until the day was done. But I have decided that I am going to blog every day in January, and I have so far (except last Thursday when a pair of weather fronts combined for a one-two punch to my sinuses. But that is another story.)

For some reason, even with a holiday last week, January seems like a month of Mondays. Just one fresh start, one new thing after another, but at the same time, the same old, same old. I’m not sure why, it’s not like every weekend is like the end of December holiday smash up. But weekends do tend to be more or a free for all, with tasks that have no real time anchors here in this time of COVID. 

It was an odd weekend. I was de-cluttering a closet and found an old tote bag with a still older kindle in it. But the Kindle had parent controls turned on and since I had thought it was gone, I took it off the account. The parent controls mean I can’t update the software, and without updating the software, I can’t re-register it. It’s the catch -22 of e-readers. (Side note, Catch-22 is an amazing book and I have the paperback, rather than the kindle version. Just saying.) Also found the old Kindle Fire, which sadly cannot be charged enough to power one. So, new project, finding the best way to dispose of these two things. Our town does have a hazardous waste day coming up, guess that can be a weekend time anchor. Something to base the rest of the weekend around. My exciting life, eh? Of course the big thing is getting the story for the Short Story Challenge finished and uploaded by 4pm Saturday. (My own 8 hour early deadline, in case the internet crashes, or I can’t get the site to work with my browser. These things usually happen fifteen minutes before a deadline, so I will fool the writing gremlins and move the deadline earlier, so if I am “late” for my 4pm deadline, I can still get things in on time and evade the imps this time.)