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A notebook with a pen. The words above the pen say "The planning is not the doing."
The planning is not the doing. Photo by the author.

Planning is good, but the planning is not the doing.

Me, this morning in my morning pages.

Here at the Story Factory, we value quantity over quality. 

More words, more hours, more stories. The goal is 52 stories at the end of the year. So far, we are on target. Which, I know, isn’t much to say at this point of the year, but on the other hand, this time last year, I was already behind. So, Wednesdays, we will report production and celebrate the little victories.

Wednesday 1/20/2021 Production Report:

Words for the week 1/20-1/26  – 8397

Hours for the week 1/20-1/26  – 33

Cumulative through 1/26

Words – 42798

Hours  – 141

(That includes Morning pages each day, prewriting on either the week’s story or the novel that I am re-writing, and this blog. I only count the short story once, so there is the total for that, and I don’t count the blog on Story Sunday. )


Not the week I wanted, nor the week I planned, but was home sick Thursday and Friday and the funk pretty much lasted through the weekend. I am off the day job today to try to make up some time, as I would like to be at 168 hours by midnight February 1. It’s still a doable goal, but it’s 27 hours in five days, so I do need some extra hours today and this weekend. But there is a good plan in place. I love love love planning, sometimes so much it overtakes the doing, as I discovered in my morning pages today. I had to remind myself the planning is not the doing. Looking for a better monitor for writing is not writing (and does not count toward creative time.) Entering my word counts in my planner and google sheets is not writing. Thinking about standing desks and should I pull mine into the room where I am currently working is not writing. Writing is writing. 

The planning is not the doing. 

Have a great week.