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Here at the Story Factory, we value quantity over quality. 

More words, more hours, more stories. We have two goals: 2021 creative hours and 52 stories at the end of the year. So far, we are on target. Which, I know, isn’t much to say at this point of the year, but on the other hand, this time last year, I was already behind. So, Wednesdays, we will report production and celebrate the little victories.

Wednesday 2/17/2021 Production Report:

Words for the week 2/10-2/16 – 8466

Hours for the week 2/10-2/16 – 39

Cumulative through 2/16

Words – 73,768

Hours  – 260

(That includes Morning pages each day, prewriting on either the week’s story or the novel that I am re-writing, and this blog. I only count the short story once, so there is the total for that, and I don’t count the blog on Story Sunday. )


I am still needed to prop up the hour count, and this has been a good week for that. With no day job (rolling power outages mean no work from home.) I have been clocking in about 7 hours a day “creative work” , which includes reading, but not television. I am no screenwriter.

I am working on decluttering my life, so Social Media is the next step. Doing the give up social media for Lent thing like most people I guess. So burned out on it after the election.

But, it’s the first day of Lent, so I deleted Twitter from my phone. Instagram is still there, as I need it for work, but will do DuoLingo instead of scrolling, oui?

Word count is down this week, mostly because the story without an end clocked in less than 2K words. The plan is to finish that one properly and than do another story for Sunday. I have changed prompts several times, just not feeling it this week, but now I have something to go with.

Blog posts this week, I know, have been less than stellar. Between not getting up early, being stuck at home, the snowpocolypse we are enduring and now a major roof leak, creative work is not happening as I would like. Been getting some good reading done thought, on my five book this week. And will re-read the book for Friday’s book review, so that will be more fresh on my mind.  

Fun fact: it takes Gmail forever to move 12 thousand emails, but I am serious about email zero this week so away they go.