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Laura Vanderkam suggests planning weekend adventures. We tried it.


A little late, but I desperately needed to go for a hike in the woods this weekend. Feeling the dirt crunch under my feet for five hours was much-needed medicine, even with the woman who let everyone on the trail know about her upcoming hip replacement. It was a re-replacement, actually, since she was nine years in on a 10-year hip. It was made of titanium and ceramic if you were wondering. The whole time she was talking, I was expecting the dude from the Progressive commercials to appear and start telling her that describing medical ailments in the middle of the state park wasn’t something we do.

So working from home is apparently hard on your eyes:

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Aging isn’t so bad. It’s better than the alternative:


A writer invites us into her process:

In its simplest and most accurate explanation of the phenomenon being described: people generally don’t want to be helpful, but they do want to be the smartest person in the room.