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And, I’m back with my regular posting schedule. It’s Tuesday, so today, I am going to discuss/review my latest gadget. And today’s gadget is…

Hiking poles. Absolutely game-changing on long, hilly hikes. My sons gave me a pair for Mother’s Day, and I was able to take them out that same day, and I had no idea how fun it would be. We usually hike anywhere from 6 to 11 miles at a nearby state park, and the terrain is surprisingly hilly. It is also a bike trail characterized as “technical,” meaning there are a ton of roots.

Photo by Brady Knoll on Pexels.com

The poles came with several tips for different surfaces. I probably won’t get much use out of the snow tips and would only use the sand tips at the beach, but the two hard surface tips will definitely get a workout. I used the “boot” shaped tip on my maiden voyage, and they helped propel me in the flat areas but still made ascending and descending so much easier on my back and legs. Plus, I got a bit of an arm workout, but no actual soreness. I did have a small daypack for the two water bottles (mine and the dog’s), and while I forgot to pack snacks, they would typically go in the daypack as well. Should I have an actual load, the poles would be a tremendous help navigating the terrain.

We have hiked most weekends this spring since there hasn’t been a weekend free to camp. Daytrips for hiking are just what the doctor ordered, though: outdoors, trees, lake, and dirt. It’s a great time to let my mind wander as we traipse through the trails, stopping now and then to photograph the changes in the flora as the spring has progressed.