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Like any manufacturing plant, here at the Story Factory, we value quantity over quality.

More words, more hours, more stories. The goal is 52 stories at the end of the year. So far, we are on target. Which, I know, isn’t much to say at this point of the year, but on the other hand, this time last year, I was already behind. So, Wednesdays, we will report production and celebrate the little victories.

Wednesday 5/19/2021 Production Report:

Since the April blogging challenge has thrown off the schedule, I will just catch us all up.

Words through 5/18/21 – 159,248

Hours through 5/18/21 – 624

Stories 12 out of 52

(That includes Morning pages each day, prewriting on either the week’s story or the novel that I am re-writing, and this blog. I only count the short story once, so there is the total for that, and I don’t count the blog on Story Sunday. )


The month of April was great for blogging and word counts, but not so much for the creative hours. But I have a “write two super short stories” each day for the rest of the month to catch up to where I need to be. I should be at 26 stories and 1, 011 hours at the end of June. If I cannot get there by June, surely working the day job for half time in July will help. 

Note: When I writing “super short stories,” please know that super modifies short, not stories. I have a little journal that puts a prompt on each page, and I can write about 160 words per page. So I am thinking I should be caught up by the end of the month, right? As far as posting them, not sure that will happen since these are really bad stories. But hey, quantity over quality, right?