Since I am (was) attempting to write 52 bad stories, I also thought it would be good to read 52 good stories.

And first, a confession. I skipped the Faulkner story and the Fitzgerald story. First off, both were anything be short. Secondly, Faulkner’s just not my cup of tea. I prefer a bit more terseness and less racism.

So on to Gustave Flaubert and A Simple Heart.
This is the story of Feliciti, a servant of Madame Aubain. Flaubert gives us Feliciti in all her glory when she asks someone about Cuba, where her nephew lived. As the man showed her the atlas, she wondered if he could show her exactly where her nephew’s house was. She was loyal to her mistress and her parrot, Loulou, who she had stuffed after he died so she could still have him around.

And in keeping with the ship theme of this section on the book, her nephew becomes a sailor.

As a story, it was a bit tedious. But as I mentioned yesterday, I am coming to terms with the fact that I don’t enjoy short stories. But I would like to finish this book, so I will keep up with the stories. I had read several during the April A to Z challenge, so I should be done by December.