Happy Tuesday!

Growing up, my favorite time of year was summer. No school, no forced social interactions, long days at the pool to read and swim – I loved it all.

Several years ago, I discovered that I had paid time off that I would lose if not used, but I did not want to just be home for two weeks. I then discovered the beauty of half days, and I have done it every July since then. I have spent these half days trying to up my creative game. I have drafted novels, decluttered my house, read books and books and books. It’s been refreshing and much like a deep breath before the hyperactivity of fall at a university. This summer, I am redrafting a novel and indulging my inner child with – stickers!

As I was growing up, stickers cost money; therefore, I did not get any. Once my sibling, seven years younger than me, was of the sticker age, there was plenty of money, and I seem to remember a plethora of Lisa Frank or some such stickers.

So this summer, I have discovered the wonderful world of Etsy, and I am totally in awe of these creators that are producing stickers of all kinds, and I have been playing with the stickers created for Hobonichi planners. These stickers personalize and liven up dull planner pages. Who doesn’t need a pretty to-do list? So far, I have enjoyed stickers from Mandy Lynn Plans and Planning by Shannon, but I have some more en route from Etsy and will update on the latest when they arrive.

I am impressed with the creators’ attention to detail with these particular products. The Hobonichi planners are very precise, and so far, the stickers I used have fit the spaces perfectly. I will also try some stickers for my Wonderland 222 planner, the one I am using for my day job.

(This is not sponsored, I am just having fun with these stickers and wanted to share the source. I am not a subscriber of either site, I purchased from the creators via Etsy.)