Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

My youngest son moved out to his own place with two of his closest friends. Part of me will miss his daily stories, but the other part was – hey, there a spare room to put some of this furniture in! On Saturday, we basically rearranged the furniture in every room of the house. It was fun, but that meant Sunday was a day to chill.
It amazes me how just moving a few pieces of furniture from one room to another can open up a room. It’s much like how in writing, moving a word here and there can change the meaning. But also, as in writing, you can fall down the Google hole and find all kinds of furniture arranging advice to let you know whatever you do, you are doing it all wrong.

My furniture doesn’t have its front feet on the area rug. I’m not sure that is a burn in hell decor offense or simply a “do penance and move the damn feet onto the rug” offense, but I am not doing it.
I usually do not rearrange the furniture in the middle of the summer. That is what winter break is for. Something about New Year, new look. But with the pandemic, I am not really following my regular yearly routines. I’m a bit behind, and I am okay with that. I think more than anything, the pandemic has taught me to slow down and show people grace, including myself.