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Photo by Following NYC on Pexels.com

July has just flown by this summer. It normally does feel like it goes faster than June, but this year, it seemed exceptionally speedy. Saturday is August 1, and for me, it’s a “new year.” I like to have new years throughout the calendar – why should January get all the fun? But reading James Clear’s Atomic habits has inspired me to get writing to be more of a habit and less of something I do when feeling motivated. (there are other things besides writing that I would like to make a habit of, so those are on the list as well, but as my blog is my place to whine about writing and not writing, that is the habit to talk about here.

But time experienced faster in July than June, well that is a subject my time-traveling heart can get into. Researchers in Paris have found that time feels slower when experiencing positive emotions and faster when we feel negative emotions (Hello, new school year anxiety?)

Which may need to be a topic for the curiouser and curiouser project. Does curiosity affect our perception of time? I know anxiety does, but what about curiosity? It’s not quite an emotion, but what emotions are tied to it? What do we feel when we feel curious? Google tells me curiosity is an instinct that is frequently accompanied by pleasant emotions. No help there. Wonder is listed as an emotion, and that is tied to curiosity. Once again, I have more questions than answers, a good thing when writing, eh?