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I am revisiting the humble timer cubes this week. I thought that they would be great for word sprints during National Novel Writing Month and other challenges like that. But as I have not been making any progress on my writing goals, I have decided to make my daily writing goal more attainable.

So this year, I will set my goal to….ten minurtes. Could I write more? Of course, but ten minutes and I am checked off and a success for the day and I don’t have to write anything else. Two days so far, and a pretty good start on a short story.

Yes, sucker for punishment that I am, I am going to try the full Bradbury….read a poem, story, and essay each day, watch a movie each week, and write a short story each week. I am also working on a novel first draft, but no hurry on that. I am determined that I can write 52 bad short stories, so challenge accepted.

I am doing the Ninja Writer’s Fresh Start week. It’s two hours a day of planning and goal setting and the past three days have been great. I feel like I have an handle on what I want to do this year and what is reasonble given the fact that I have a day job. I am still working on goals and habits/systems, but I plan to have a post with my 2022 writing goals and another with the 2021 recap – what worked, and what most certainly did not.

But my little timer is telling me that my ten minutes are up. I am done for the day!