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Happy 2022!

I just spent two hours a day the last seven days working on goals, systems, habits, and editorial calendars for the coming year. Will it help me reach my goals? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure was fun. Planning nerds such as myself live for these things.

I do have a few writing goals for the years, and since it is Saturday, here are 7 of them.

  • Write 10 minutes a day. Every day.
  • Write 52 really bad short stories. Ray Bradbury said it couldn’t be done. Challenge accempted.
  • A complete re-write of my historical novel, breaking the tome into a three book series.
  • A first draft of another novel that has been brewing.
  • A Medium post at least once a week. I am thinking about writing there about running.
  • Keep up with my planned blogs here at the Story Factory. The plan is to continue the most popular topics : Tool Time Tuesday, and the Thursday Short Story review. Since I am trying to be more curious, Wednesday will be What I Learned this Week. And of course, Sunday’s will be the Really Band Story.
  • Follow the Ray Bradbury Reading plan (1 poem, 1 story, 1 essay, everyday) for 80% of the year. That would be 292 days. You can follow my progress there on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theraybradburyreadingplan/

What writing goals do you have this year? Toss them in the comments so I can follow you along!