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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

(Just as an aside, when I was in 7th grade, I bowled in a junior bowling league every Saturday morning. Absolutely nothing to do with the post below, but the ten pins made me a bit nostalgic.)

As a new member of the Ninja Writers, I have been getting emails from Shaunta Grimes about writing, planning writing, etc. Since my goal for the year is to be a prolific writer, I am soaking in all this knowledge and advice, since Ms. Grimes is nothing if not absolutely prolific. She was inspired by Choose Yourself by James Altucher to write lists of ten things a day. Her challenge to her email readers is to write a list of ten ideas every day for 90 days. This is supposed to help when getting stuck on a project (ten bad decisions my character can make, ten new characters that could be introduced…)

So, game on! My original plan was to scribble those ten ideas down in my notebook, but shoot, I am paying for this blog, may as well use it. So feel free to skip over the daily ten things blog. Or join my challenge and give me your link in the comments so I can cheer you on!

In honor of my work in progress about the Time Academy, here are ten objects used to manipulate time:

  1. An antique pocket watch
  2. A grandfather clock
  3. A thimble
  4. A camera
  5. Lava Lamps
  6. A planner
  7. A wall calendar
  8. Green goo
  9. Agrochrons
  10. Portal Beetles

Just typing out the objects, I forgot how much fun this project is going to be. Maybe it is time to get moving on it.