Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

I’m making a list of ten ideas/things every day for 90 days to become an idea generator. This is supposed to be good practice for seeing story in everything. This is day 9. Today is ten crazy conspiracy theories. My new story prompt for the week has a high school drama student discovering a conspiracy, so why not make a list of potential conspiracies? I may come back to this list again.

  1. A local adoption agency pays college athletes and students with high GPAs to provide infants for adoptive families of means.
  2. “Survivor” is a black ops recruitment scenario.
  3. A university president restructures the entire university so that tenured faculty and senior staff will get frustrated and leave, making room for his friends to get cushy new positions.
  4. A high school principal contracts with a tutoring company and is getting significant kickbacks.
  5. Google is actually a program of the CIA.
  6. A hight school drama program is used to recruit agents for the CIA.
  7. A small town librarian has a secret room for banned books. You must be under 20 to enter.
  8. A large engineering college keeps the fine arts department in the steam tunnels under the campus.
  9. Elders from a small town church dominate local politics as well.
  10. A small town mayor’s wife is running a casino in the basement of the local pizzaria.