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Welcome to my latest exercise in an attempt to reach my goal of being a prolific writer in 2022. So, in addition to writing 1 short story each week (Because Ray Bradbury said you can’t write 52 bad ones – challenge accepted!) I will be attempting to post an original poem each day in April. This is not going to be easy – I’ve not really written poetry since college. So, these will be thrown together each day and not very edited.

I can hear you now – sucky stories and bad poetry? Sign me up.

For more information about the blogging challenge, see http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/)

Photo by Amanda Hider on Pexels.com


It’s five in the morning
and my night-owl soul rises with the larks
hoping to find more creative energy in the sunrise
then in the darkness after the evening news

the morning birds sing to the beginning flickers of light
indeed they sing
joyful songs in minor keys
waking the world for yet another
merry, carefree adventure
(a lark, if you will)
rather than the night birds who simply
Who? Who? Who?

Yet in a world of sickness and war
Who could think of a merry, carefree adventure?
There should be something that must be done,
a solution, a task, a plan
to make the terrible end
instead the larks sing songs of joy
In a minor key
as it must be done.