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Welcome to my latest exercise in an attempt to reach my goal of being a prolific writer in 2022. So, in addition to writing 1 short story each week (Because Ray Bradbury said you can’t write 52 bad ones – challenge accepted!) I will be attempting to post an original poem each day in April. This is not going to be easy – I’ve not really written poetry since college. So, these will be thrown together each day and not very edited.

I can hear you now – sucky stories and bad poetry? Sign me up.

For more information about the blogging challenge, see http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/)

Photo by Darina Belonogova on Pexels.com


Quiet morning, soft sounds
The quiet soothes,
Lets anxiety melt
as the sun melts a cube of ice dropped on the sidewalk
in the summer

Quiet day
a rarity at the job
where noise is the product
therefore quiet unnerves the sound makers
who don’t particularly like walking across the river
on a log either
It takes more effort to balance
on the log or the thin line
between peace and rancor.

Quiet night
as darkness tucks us in
for a long nap (we hope)
quiet washes off the cacophony of the day
like a warm bath
bubbles tickling the nose
and the only sound
is the steady drip

(We need to fix the faucet.)