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Photo by ermias Tarekegn on Pexels.com
Passive aggression
The spoiled little brother of active aggression
who is pissed at big brother
but doesn't want to show it
So pulles out a pack of brightly colored Sharpies
And colors all over
Books and furniture and clothes
Anger as rainbows and unicorns

Passive aggression
shows up as an email
you can almost feel the clenched teeth
of the writer
who clothes the ire
with polite pleasantries and apologies.
Because brining up the issue
and risking communication
would mean 
someone isn't as right as he thought he was.

Big brother, active aggression
isn't allowed most places
He tends to be a bit messy
But passive aggression is messier
once you look beneath the veneer.

And neither seems to get anything done.