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Photo by Duanu00e9 Viljoen on Pexels.com

Is there ever enough
Sleep to lift this weariness?
Is there ever enough
Food to fill the stomachs of the family holding the signs
on the corner of the highway exit ramp?
Is there ever enough
Compassion for the man singing Christmas carols
Outside the Walmart this warm June morning?
Is there ever enough
money to just break even —
Not, I suppose if you are Bezos, Musk, Perdue, Walton, Gates
For them, I think there is never enough–
Is there ever enough
Room for more
for those who have a dream to live in peace, in security
to join those who have some semblance of that?

Is there ever enough
Intelligence to get us to see that high velocity weapons
and uber-big magazines are the problem
and you can’t blame mental illness with the right hand
while removing resources with the left one.
Is there ever enough love
to once again see a neighbor as a human
and not a political sign?

Is there enough
Am I enough
Do we have enough

To replace greed, lust, desire, covetous, Fear

With generosity, truth, kindness, gentleness, courage

With love?