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Photo by Kevin Malik on Pexels.com

We should talk about honesty
about telling each other the truth
but we don’t

Instead, we talk about the weather
the price of gas
who to blame for each

We should talk about honesty
and why we say we value it
lip service, honestly
because we hardly ever talk about the truth

We talk about to-do lists
and what to have for supper Saturday
and where we should vacate to
this summer
We talk about that movie that is coming out
and the stupid people drinking balsamic vinegar
over ice on TikTok
We may even admit we tried it, but our carbonated water
wasn’t flavored, so it tasted like a bland but sparkling
Caprese salad.

We should talk about honesty
and about telling the truth
but not today,
I have, um, an appointment.