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I am late this morning
creeping outside in my pajamas
craning my neck to see over the trees
and it’s too late this morning
the orderly solar system cannot compete
with the shining center
I can only make out Venus and Jupiter, flanking the crescent moon

I am late this morning
I saw it yesterday
not feeling weird standing in the middle of the road
again in pjs
staring at the sky
the neat row
as if a planetary roll call–

that sliver of crescent moon
Jupiter, brightest of all, sans the moon
and Saturn

Neptune and Uranus opted out
apparently, they are still pissed
at the treatment of their sibling
and rightfully so
demotions are not cool
in this economy.

I am late this morning
and the sun is once again
out to steal the show
from her children
Narcissist that she is
tossing solar flares out to those of her orbs
that do not put her first.
and instead try
to have orderly sibling relationships.