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Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

When Faith was on maternity leave
I was asked to fill in
as if Skepticism could even fill Faith’s shoes
but I was not filling Faith’s shoes
only her nursery apron

Christmas Eve service and no one can tell me
How many children
How many volunteers
Except those who tell me they absolutely

cannot volunteer this year
They did it last year
It seemed everyone did it last year, before
Faith was on maternity leave

The pastor, a guy too young, too hip, trying too hard
He tells me that there is always enough help
The little church’s own Christmas miracle
Enough volunteers to
with all the little ones who show up
It was so easy for him to believe
he that would be before his flock speaking
the flock hanging on every word
it was harder for me
in the hall with teary toddlers
when Faith was on maternity leave.