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My new office
Doesn’t have a coffee pot
but a Keurig
Can there be community
without a common coffee pot?

I remember growing up
As soon as a guest arrived
“I’ll put on some coffee”
“I’ll warm up the coffee”
were the first words out of
mom’s mouth
(or dad’s – making coffee was gender neutral, even back then)

We had two pots-
one small, 8-10 cups
on large 12-26 cups. the weekend pot
the company pot
both lived on the stove,
only moved for a rare meal that needed more than two burners

The large one was the weekend pot, the company pot
Dad would start it in the morning and warm it throughout the day
until he made the second pot
the aroma percolated with the amber fluid
that popped into the little glass periscope.

There was always cream in the creamer, sugar in the bowl
ready for those coffee guests that needed them.
Coffee was a ritual, a rite
and if you asked for
a venti with skim and two shots, and extra vanilla
you’d be looked at
like a crazy person.
Which you were
if you didn’t partake
of the ritual
the rite
the coffee klatsch.

I feel sorry for those who never
sat waiting for the perking to stop
the anticipation is just not the same
with a Mr. Coffee
nor a Keurig

So when you come over
I’ll put on the coffee.