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Photo by Danijela Dannie on Pexels.com

The Gospel According to Julia


Write three pages, by hand
every morning
write by hand
to connect your heart to the page more directly, because
tapping keys cannot
slay dragons as efficiently
and the pages are there
to slay the dragons
and destroy the monsters that insist
that no one is an artist
after they swap our crayons
for number two pencils in second grade.
Writing by hand is death to those who try to stop our art
(also, something about brain science, and lighting up regions in the brain —
it’s good to think of the brain lighting up like it’s full
of fireflies
as we scribble on cheap notebooks in the dark before dawn.)

Take your inner child-artist
on a date
Preferably somewhere with lots of shiny art things
maybe somewhere where someone else’s art can inspire
but only if it makes you want to play along
(Not so much if it makes puts you under a blanket sobbing for a week about
being a hack
about hopelessness
about it being too late.)
An art supply store,
an office supply store,
or a bookstore with good coffee should do the trick.


Added later,
an appendix, if you wll
go for a walk
preferable somewhere with grass, trees, water
but a busy sidewalk will do in a pinch
But somewhere outdoors
so when you walk
your steady gait
will lull the inner editor to a deep sleep
the garden of your ideas
will grow unfettered
sparkling with fireflies.

*inspired by Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way.